Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Massage and penis enlargement

If you are worried about the size of your penis you will probably be surprised to hear that there are several massage techniques that can help you elongate and widen your penis.

Did you know that in order to penetrate in a vagina you need a penis of a size no longer than 0.9 inches? This fact doesn’t provide much comfort for many men who dream to have a larger penis. There are many techniques for natural penis enlargement that have been used since ancient times. One of them is massage. These techniques have their origins in Africa and the Middle East. These techniques are not that popular probably because the media is focused on promoting various devices that claim to have better effects. Also, in order to achieve the first results by using this technique men need to be very patient and disciplined and you will also have to spend some time too. It is crucial to perform massage on your penis regularly but this doesn’t mean that you have to do it every day. The penis needs time to regenerate and that’s why two or three exercises a week are enough. On average, the size of the penis will be increased for around 1 inch in less than 6 months.

If you are starting with this type of massage you must know that you should not overuse this technique. Spending around 20 minutes on penile massage will do the job. If you notice redness, irritation or pain you must stop because there is a chance that you may have hurt your penis. In order to avoid this type of injuries use lubricants because they will make your moves easier. Before the massage takes place find a spot where you feel comfortable and of course a place which is private. A short warm up is required before every massage session. Take the penis in your hands and gently rub it with your thumbs and index fingers. Once you reach erection increase the pressure but don’t be too rough. The goal of this exercise is to reach stronger erection in a shorter period of time, Remember to move the penis in every direction.

There are several massage techniques that are proven to be helpful. Some of them are focused on prolongation of ejaculation. With the help of these exercises and massage techniques you will not only get a slightly larger penis but you will also learn how to become a better lover.

In case you are still wondering if you can enlarge your penis with massage techniques we would like to say that this is not some kind of miracle. The secret behind this technique is that it releases your full potential. During these massage sessions it boost testosterone level and the tissues located in the penis become stronger. All these things bring changes to the appearance of the penis. Both the thickness and the length of the penis are changed. Once again, don’t expect miracles fast but in the end with the help of these massage techniques you will definitely have better sexual performance during sexual intercourses.    

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