Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to Tighten the Vagina

According to many experts tighter vaginas provide better sexual experience for both men and women. The process of aging makes the vagina lose its shape but there are few things that every woman can do in order to tighten the vagina.

First and foremost, try Kegel exercises. These exercises that are focused on vaginal muscles were named by Dr. Arnold Kegel which was the first person to detect and recommend them to women. Every woman can learn these exercises and the best part is that they are not visible even when you practice them in public. You can easily learn them during urination. In order to learn which muscles you need to activate, stop your urination process several times and hold it for several seconds. Once you master this technique you can do these exercises at any moment. Try to tighten the muscles in the same way you stop urination and after that slowly relax. Repeat this exercise ten to twenty times in a row at least 5 times a day. Dr. Kegel recommended 200 repetitions a day. The pace and the way you practice these exercises depend on you.

What you have just read is a description of basic Kegel exercises but today there are many variations of this basic exercise. For example, you can slowly and gradually start to contract the muscles and in the moment you reach the highest possible tension slowly begin to relax. Repeat this exercise several times. Another way is to keep the muscles strained for several seconds. Contract the muscles; hold them like that for around five seconds and after that relax them. As we have mentioned before, you can perform Kegel exercises in public, while you are talking with your friend, while you are watching television, while sitting in your office and few minutes before bedtime.

Now that you know how to stretch and relax the muscles located in your vagina, you can have fun during sex. Your partner will certainly feel the comfortable erotic pressure on his penis and you will have the chance to feel his penis more intensely. The feeling that you can block his way to the vagina and his efforts to penetrate inside you will make the whole experience more exciting not only from a physical point of view but also psychologically. If you practice these exercises after you’ve reached an intense orgasm while the penis still inside you will perform a delightful tickling.

Finally, if you are one of those women who simply doesn’t have time for exercises or finds them difficult you can rely on cosmetic products. This industry has found a new way to tighten the vagina that requires less efforts. You can find many creams on the market that promise to narrow and tighten your vagina and the best part is that most of them are made from natural ingredients. However, it is a good idea to consult your gynecologist before you use a product like that, because there can be many unpleasant side effects if you choose a wrong product. 

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