Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hard Erection and Soft Erection Treatment

Achieving a hard erection is an action that is desired for by a lot on men. The reason being a strong and hard penis translates to mind blowing sex.  A hard erection is the direct translation of the following…

·       - Better Libido
·       - Great Male Fertility
·       - Stronger Sex Drive

A soft erection on the other hand is an indication of weakness in males. A super hard erection is such a huge turn on during sex. Any male that is healthy has no problem in achieving and maintaining a hard erection.

A healthy male has thick semen and his fertility is great proving that the male has a wonderful sexual stamina. The underlying question is; every man seeks to have a harder erection, how is the conundrum he is faced with.

Food technicians, researchers and scientists have been able to make a high quality pill that has been made purely from proven herbs. All the ingredients in the sex pill are natural and all help the man using them experience mind blowing sex.

Mentioned below are the ingredients that form hard erection and soft erection treatment

Swedish Flower: the pollen which forms the main cell of the plant kingdom is known for its extra virility, vim and vigor. The pollen from this flower provides all bio-factors that are necessary for sex hormones as well as the micro-nutrients necessary for healthier reproductive systems.

EPIMEDIUM SAGITTATUM: better known as the horny goat weed, this is an ingredient that boosts testosterone levels and libido allowing better production of sperm.

L-LYSINE:  researchers have found out that the amino acid added to zinc multiplies the production of sperm and also stimulates the production of testosterone thus enhancing the quality of semen.

L-ARGININE HCL: studies have shown how both sperm and semen volumes triple and the increment of fertility amongst men who have a low sperm count. Supplementation increases the health as well as the activity of the sperm.

L-CAENITINE: This is an amino acid that is highly concentrated in sperm that is healthy. It has been proven to significantly multiply the percentage of high motile sperm.

ZINC OXIDE: an ingredient that has proven to enhance the number of sperm as well as the motility of sperm between 80% and 200% as it aids the testosterone synthesis.

Pumpkin Seed: An ingredient that effectively supports hormonal production and prostate health

CATUBA BARK: A herb native to Brazil which helps in the strengthening of libido and one that nourishes the whole male reproductive system.

Vitamin E: this type of vitamin improves erectile function.

MACA: A South American native botanic ingredient that has been proven to promote potency, libido and energy in men.

Eurycoma longifolia (commonly called tongkat ali or pasak bumi) Extract: a botanic extract that has been used traditionally for purposes of enhancing strength, spirit, body and mind. It is also useful in boosting sexual arousal.

The beauty of the ingredients mentioned above and many more not mentioned is, you get them all in one pill! The pill has been designed with your safety in mind. A hard erection matches a big penis size and with the hard erection and soft erection treatment pill, you are now able to experience mind blowing orgasms!

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