Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why You Should Know How to Give Oral Sex for a Better Sex Life

Oral sex is a good way to increase the intimacy and the better way to enjoy sex that gives more sexual enhancement to both the parties concerned. But, it is very common to see men though interested in doing this to their love mates they do not know the right way of doing this. Due to this they do the things wrong or do the things in the wrong places and take away the pleasures that are normally possible to their lady loves with a good oral sex session.

So, guys if you want to add more punch and stimulation with your oral sex moves do not hesitate to know more about the human vagina and the special areas that are built to give more sexual stimulation to your lady that she will enjoy with a feeling of togetherness and intimacy growing your relationship to the next level.

Though many men know what is down there between the legs of their love partners it is a time to study well so that they can start the process in the right way and bring in the best reactions in her. Here are some of the simple tricks that are going to help you achieve more with your oral talents.

Do not just drop to her vagina and begin your tongue work right away on it and the best way to start your oral sex manoeuvres is to start  kissing her neck, breasts, stomach and then move on to her inner thighs and reach the sensitive vaginal area.

Do not make it fast and rough: women always love to be slow and sensuous when you begin your oral activities on her vaginal lips, so go slow and increase your pace as she likes.

Every vagina is different so adapt to it:  Every woman is unique by herself and so is her vagina with respect to her vaginal odour, discharge or a different taste. It may take a little time for you to get accustomed to it and adapt to it before you can settle down between her thighs adding more sexual pleasure to her body and more moans to her voice.

Be tender and never use your teeth: though you can use every other arsenal with you during your oral session you must be careful in avoiding using your teeth as this will cause a great deal of discomfort to her.

Look for symptoms and signals and change your position and actions: during oral sex you must keep your ears and eyes open and look for the right signals from her as to the way she wants her genitals to be orally stimulated. For best results always understand her movements and know how to alter your manoeuvres so that it is possible for you to add more sensation to your partner.

Do not think that you are  doing a favour by getting into the oral act and do not forget that is a way of expressing love and affection you have for your partner and this is going to be the basis for many of the good times you are going to have for many years to come.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Causes of frigidity

During the sexual revolution in the 1970s, a catholic priest – Don Paolo Liggeri, has shared his views on intimacy between partners. He said that when one of the partners is not completely synched with the other, this doesn’t give him or her the right to be passive because they not only have the duty to be available for the partner, but they need also to find a way to make the intimate act more pleasant. If we are talking about frigidity that can be treated, it is a moral duty to take a treatment because this is what compassion with the partner demands. Now let’s see what frigidity actually means.

Sexual coldness in women or frigidity is determined in a broad range – from complete inaction by women to sexual arousal to the inability to achieve orgasm. In this sense, we can make difference between: frigidity that emerges due to low level of sexual needs, which is usually attributed to innate or so-called constitutional reasons, which may or may not be related to hormonal disorders; the inability to experience satisfaction or orgasm, the inability to have an orgasm in certain situation or inability to achieve orgasm through any other way than coitus or vice versa.

There is no doubt that the specific sexual education of women in childhood and the early stage of sexual maturation or puberty plays an important role in the development of frigidity. Punishing actions conducted by parents or teachers at the stage of preparing of female child for achieving sexual pleasure like reading erotic literature, sexual fantasies, watching pornographic videos, sexual games with other children or punishing actions in the phase of so-called consuming behaviors like masturbation, play a very important role too.

There is considerable empirical evidence to suggest that these punishing measures can direct sexuality in a wrong direction. For example, it was proven that women get more excited while reading some harmless romance novel than watching pornographic videos. On the other hand, educational measures used for penalizing consuming sexual behavior of female child can lead to development of women who completely reject sexuality as a communication act which creates closeness and satisfaction. Punishment, therefore, logically produces fear so one part of women with frigid behavior is explained by their fear of sex as a result of certain traumatic event or via information that sex is dirty, shameful, immoral or exploitative.

It is good to point out that nor all forms of frigidity have psychological nature and a number of them can be attributed to organic causes like hormonal imbalance, local organic diseases (in the intimate area) or certain chronic illnesses that put sexuality in the second place and survival to the forefront.

One of the best ways to treat frigidity is psychological therapy. During these sessions, the patient and doctor exchange information and women acquire new knowledge about sexuality which leads to increased self-confidence and development of communication skills. In addition, during these sessions, women learn how to reduce anxiety and fear of sex and sexual situations.