Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Monday, December 21, 2015

Better Sex as We Age

When we younger men, we didn’t need help to get it up. Then we could enjoy great sex in the most unusual places such as at a gas station, in a dingy bathroom in a nightclub of at the backseat of your car.  But after a certain point in life we turn to aids to help us enjoy good sex.

As grownups who have passed through it all we end up being smart and stop shying away from help especially when we have a problem with maintain hard erection. Middle-aged men understand how embarrassing it gets when we are unable to get it up!

Some go to the lengths of turning to soft erection treatment for assistance. Fortunately for us, help comes in various ways. Your partner can help you by introducing you to oral sex options that will help you both achieve the desired orgasm.

Besides the usual health conundrums, lack of confidence in sexual prowess makes many a man loses their erection. To make sure that you still keep going when you age, below we give you pointers to enjoying better sex.

Never Give In

Going on is the keyword here. As former Brit Prime Minister Churchill once said, Never Give In. If you were never celibate in your younger years, then by all means do not allow celibacy to creep into your system.

The only way to emerge victoriously is by always making deposits in the love bank, so you never run out of currency.

How do you do that? Just invest in romance and more sexual position and acts. Take your girl on a wild drive such as making her squat or introducing a new position that will give you both pleasure. Look for sexual options that do not require a lot of mobility, but options that will leave you both satisfied.

Remember age is a chance to turn what is good into something awesome. Middle age also presents us with a platform where we turn what was never good into something better. After all, at this point you have nothing to lose, and it’s the perfect time to review your sexual life and rectify any mistakes.

Be alive and introduce sanctioned adventure. You may have thought that introduction of sex aids such as toys into your marriage was not a good idea. However, you should try some, start with the easy stuff then gradually move on to the extremes, with caution.

You never know, maybe this time, you will enjoy more satisfying sex in your middle age than you did in your youth!

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