Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sex poses for dominant women

How to "circulating" between the bed and housework, family and finances with finesse!

You're the alpha female and proud of it, but possibly not in the right shape to take a ride leading role in the bedroom. I'll show you how to pull the reins both to spend an unforgettable night. You'll meet ten sex positions for women taken matters into their own hands to swing his, and that your head.
Sometimes, when it comes to sex, small things like that ignition saying out loud what you want or planning a very sexy (not seedy) romantic night can be quite disturbing. Dr. Sherry Meyars licensed marriage and family therapist and author of "chatter or deceive" our devoted some secrets on how to proceed and what to say in order to have sex, which we have always dreamed of.

Why is it so important to initiate sex?
"If generally from people who say 'pass I,' 'maybe later' or seldom take the first step, it is taking the initiative for sex from your country honour largest excites your partner because, translated his language, this means 'I want you!' "Hard Meyars.” Most men say that being desired by his wife makes them feel valued, masculine and loved. But how to show him what you want?" Just show him, "advises Meyars." On this issue, the ego of men quite fragile, so always start that positive ... what he's doing 'so well' then show him by showing him on his hand or navigate to where you want to touch. Save this positivity to the end, giving him to understand that he has done well and that they are terribly excited. Men need constant encouragement and positive feedback. Too often, namely our confidence and desire are the sexiest attributes that a woman can show in bed.

How to plan a special caper?
Forget the list of commitments. To postpone sex for when you answer all your emails and thrown all set for day tasks means never reach it. Instead, make a conscious effort to unwind. "Forget the laptop and bag with documents off your cell phone, slammed the door in the face of day," continues Meyars.. "Literally and figuratively hang the inscription" Do not disturb "door to the world. Clearing the program is your way to say yourself and your beloved: "Nothing is more important than you and being together. '"

How can we be more confident in bed?
To intensify the pleasure, come in his usual role and surrender to the unexpected change in plans, "advises Meyers.” If you are the alpha male - a senior and brilliant career - it is very important to allow your partner to be the alpha male in the bedroom." To be able to offer him better sex, thinks differently. And if you manage to shake things up, your chance to regain passionate sex you've ever had the two will inevitably increase.

"In a new relationship, spontaneous, consuming lines are like, 'I cannot stop to touch,' 'An awful lot they want', and heated long nights filled with curiosity, longing and findings are incorporated naturally in sex mix "hard Meyars.” By the time we fall into the trap of routine and lack of interest. It is therefore important to change this attitude and his approach to sex as to the adventure and the opportunity to discover a new state, a feeling and a way to touch each other." How to accomplish this? Mused on what exactly because he was so attracted to you - and remember that you feel well you, he will feel better. "Look at his body in a new way," offers Meyars. "Kiss it differently and find a place on his body not kissed so far, or at least long. Play some music and he danced erotic dance, whispering in his ear how sexy and he shared some of the things you wanted to do. Watch together porn and discuss what turns you on. Then experiment in bed. Men really want to know how they could meet. Nothing will make them feel better than to bring you to orgasm. “So both will end up winners. With that in mind, try the next ten sexual position, ideal for achieving satisfaction in women. They'll make you feel like a queen and derive the maximum sexual pleasure.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vulvovaginal candidiasis

This is one of the most common genital infections and is caused by Candida albicans in around 80–92 per cent of cases. Other non-albican species like C. tropicalis, C. glabrata, C. krusei and C. parapsilosis can also cause similar symptoms, although sometimes more severe and recurrent. C. albicans is a diploid fungus and is a common commensal in the gut flora. It is important to confirm the diagnosis with a perineal and/or vaginal swab. Conditions such as contact dermatitis, allergic reactions and non-specific vaginal infections can present in a similar manner. Testing can be done with a Gram stain or wet film examination and direct plating on to fungal media. Further testing to type the species may be required in recurrent or very severe cases as some species such as C. krusei can be resistant to some of the imidazoles, such as fluconazole.

Pregnancy, high-dose combined oral contraceptive pill, immunosuppresion, broad spectrum antibiotics, diabetes mellitus, hormone replacement therapy and HIV-infected women have a higher predisposition to develop vulvovaginal candidiasis.

Up to 30–40 per cent of asymptomatic women may have C. albicans grown on a vaginal swab. These women do not need treatment even if they are pregnant. There is no evidence of any adverse effects in pregnancy to either the mother or the baby if treated with topical imidazoles. However, the oral imidazoles are contraindicated in pregnancy.

Women should be advised to avoid using any soaps, perfumes and synthetic underwear. The high-dose o estrogen combined oral contraceptive pill should be changed to a lower-dose pill. If there are persistent or recurrent symptoms, consideration should be given to change to a progesterone-only contraception. Check blood sugars to rule out undiagnosed diabetes mellitus and if present good glycaemic control should be the aim. Avoid recurrent courses of broad spectrum antibiotics. The treatment of vulvovaginal candidiasis can be based on whether the infection is uncomplicated, complicated or severe and recurrent.

Azoles/imidazoles are the mainstay of the treatment. They can either be used either as a local topical application (pessaries/creams) or oral preparations. There are several types of imidazoles with similar efficacy with a cure rate of over 80 per cent. The treatment is usually based on the preference of the physician, local availability and costs. The common imidazoles are clotrimazole, econazole and miconazole. Other antifungals, such as nystatin cream or pessary, can also be used. The medication can be taken as a single pessary treatment or a course of pessaries for a few days at a lower dose. The commonly prescribed medication is clotrimazole, which can be taken as single 500 mg pessary or a course of a 100 mg pessary over 6 days. Oral imidazoles, such as fluconazole, are given as a single dose at 150 mg or itraconazole 200 mg twice a day for 1 day. However, these are contraindicated in pregnancy.

There is no evidence to treat the asymptomatic male partner.