Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Magnesium and Men’s Sexual Health

Spinach is a vegetable that is potent of magnesium. Spinach plays a great role in dilating blood vessels. In layman’s language, this translates into a better flow of blood into your genitals. So spinach is a great arousal source for men as it is for women.

As some of the members of its family such as; Swiss chard, broccoli, bok choy, Brussels sprouts and Kale, Spinach is a great source of folate (A sex nutrient). Enough folate in your body translates to good reproductive health.

Folate lowers the blood levels of homocysteine that are substances that are quite harmful. In addition, cardiologists, psychologists and sexologists are all in agreement that the levels of magnesium that you consume reflects on your sexual health.
Again the amount you consume is also critically important as well. The three different experts are all in agreement that enough consumption of magnesium will boost your sexual prowess.

Unsweetened Tea

Catechin is an antioxidant present in tea. The antioxidant promotes blood flow in the body boosting your sexual prowess and brainpower. Consumption of tea plays a critical role in enhancing your mood, memory and your focus.
Catechin potent is largely present in green tea. Its helps your body by burning fat. Extensive research found that individuals that consume 3-5 cups of green tea every day for three months will experience body weight reduction by a whopping 5%.
Consumption of green tea or black tea brewed freshly will help you enhance the libido and also aid you in your weight-loss journey. Make sure that you consume freshly brewed tea and not bottled tea. Do not consume sugar as well.

Unsweetened tea is a great substitute for juices, sugar-laden and high-calorie and soft drinks. Too much sugar in your body will lower your body’s ability to produce endorphins. Low endorphins cause you to suffer from depression. Depression is a known sex drives killer.

Peaches and Other Fruit

Studies prove that men who consume in the very least 200 milligrams of vitamin C a day they boost their motility and sperm count. Peaches and watermelons are full of high vitamin C concentrates that are great for your heart. These fruits contain nutrients that help relax blood vessels. The more relaxed your blood vessels are, the better you will perform sexually.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Find out more about your sexuality through sensuality

It takes two for a good sex and lack of passion can ruin the sexual intercourse. There are many reasons why some people lack passion and one of them that bothers many women today is the relationship with their own body and sexuality. These things are happening inside our head, but they are manifested in all body parts.

Sex is essentially a very complex process that is associated with the hands, eyes, skin and genitals that need to transfer those feelings to the brain. On the other hand, the brain must recognize this information as sexual arousal. The brain must connect all these small elements like images, feelings and sensations into a whole and send a positive feedback through the body. Sex is best when your brain and body are fully aligned and it is necessary to indulge in what you feel both physically and mentally in order to feel relaxed and excited, surrounded only by the feeling about what’s going on between you and your partner.

Although this explanation may sound very simple while others may find it complicated, but whatever you think about it, the main questions is whether you are achieving the things we have described or not. The connection with our body is learned, which means that it can be altered or learned anew.
This will probably take a certain amount of time or can even be a process that will last for years, but the fact that you will be able to enjoy the results it is worth trying. So, how exactly can begin with the process of improvement of the relationship between your body and mind?

Firstly, you have to accept the fact that your body is an equal partner with your mind. You are your body and your mind and vice versa. Many people treat their body as some kind of space in which they live or a place where they souls live and they pay attention to the body only when something isn’t right. But, when we look at the reality, the only way we perceive the experience from the outside world is through our body. The body can’t be subordinate or dominant.

Secondly, you must learn to listen to your own body signals. This can be achieved if we spend few minutes a day sitting and doing nothing and focus all your attention on what you feel physically. Let your body talk to you and try to feel what’s happening around you through your body. Once you learn how to listen to your body, there is a possibility to start feeling some signs of discomfort. Maybe you are tense, stressed, tired, upset or something is causing physical pain. Try to solve these problems with relaxation, sleep, healthy diet, physical activity and taking care of your body in general. Finally, learn how to live in your body, instead of looking at it from the outside. 

In order to restore your sensuality during sex and feel the changes in your body, passion and excitement you should focus on the things that are going on around you at the given moment. Empty your mind of everything except the feelings and sensations. You must submit to the moment and live only for that moment. If you don’t have a lot of self-confidence, try with masturbation first and explore your body for a longer period of time. This is the same sexual experience that can help you discovering your own body.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Common Sex Health Mistakes Men Make

As a man, by altering your thinking, you may be able to improve your sex life. Below we discuss some of the common mistakes men make while making love to their significant other, and how to avoid making such mistakes…

Sex Begins In the Bedroom

As men, we are lucky enough to get turned on like fast like a bulb, you can have a hard erection penis within a minute. However for women this is not the case. Arousal for women doesn’t come quick and it takes them quite a while to get turned on. To make her get turned on, it’s best that you do your best and assists her.

You can help her get her arousal by hugging her, holding hands and kissing her when you are in public and also in private. Have some great time just the two of you and show, scratch that, prove to her that you indeed adore her.

Feeling loved and protected in your relationship is the combination to a woman’s let loose point during your love making session. Experts constantly tell us that a hug that is prolonged does actually go much further than you would think it to.

Science has proven that a hug lasting thirty seconds rouses oxytocin. This is a hormone in ladies that generates connection and a sense of trust. 

Assumption That You Are Aware Of Her Wants

Research today has proven that just as a lot of ladies fake their orgasm as it was the case thirty years ago. Too bad for us as this means when she is not relishing herself we will not know.  To counter this mistake never be afraid of asking questions such as:
·       Would you love something different?
·       How truly does it feel?
In short, never be ashamed of asking for directions.

Sticking To Your Own Plan

Never believe for one second that since it functioned the first 3 times that it’s going to work the following 3 times. Words from Sex Counsellor Sari Cooper, LCSW. The thing that turns your lady friend on is mostly dependent on the mood she exudes during her monthly phase.
May then her nipples might be super sensitive and her genitals maybe a little less sensitive. Asking for directions will help you know the parts to focus on. Pay much needed attention to the lady friend and try diverse things to see which ones that she responds to positively.
The instant you touch somewhere and she responds, linger there for a while. Many women complain often that we menfolk jump on to the next step quickly just when they were beginning to relish an activity that was responding well.

Keeping It Physical Always

It’s rather unfortunate that as men we are wired to focus almost entirely on physical spur. We often ignore the most critical thing mental stimulation. As men, when we are motivated up by the things we see, women on the other hand fantasize a great deal during sex since this is fragment of the arousal process.

To make it work share with her a tantalizing sex memory or share a fantasy with her and you will be able to make her ready for you!