Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Monday, July 28, 2014

Benefiting from sex

It is not loosely said that sex could be the key to a very healthy and a successful love relationship. Leaving aside the graver risks and complications that could arise- with proper precautions, a regular run at physical intimacy could benefit you in ways more than one.

Enabling a sound and rhythmic beating of the heart
Proper, controlled sex could help you monitor your heart rate. The oestrogen and testosterone balance is invariably linked to matters of the heart. According to an expert, low levels of either could cause heart complications, even osteoporosis.

A deviant yet effective form of exercise
Your regular cardio and push-ups are very practical measures to keep your body fit. What most people are unaware of, is the fact that even sex could help shed off that unwanted fat. The activity should help you lose up to 5 calories per minute: imagine how many you would end up losing by the end of a month!

Pulling down the abnormally high blood pressure
Recent studies have promoted this fact: sexual intercourse brings about an increase in the heart rate. It could very well lead to lowering of systolic blood pressure, it suggests.

Enabling better bladder control among women
Vaginal penetration acts as a lubricant to the pelvic muscles; the constant contractions bring efficacy to the vaginal muscles, making them proficient in controlling urinary output. A strong pelvic floor is necessary to avoid incontinence and sex seems to be a practical way of doing so.

Sometimes, the core of a relationship tipping down the cliff is sex, or the lack of it. The most emotionally compatible couples eventually suffer distress because they are sexually mismatched. A depressive phase experienced by one of the partners affects the sex life and consequently, the overall relationship. Health complications or even something as trivial as shyness could affect the couple and their bedroom intimacies.
The best approach to these problems is to educate yourself with regards to the deficiencies which you face. Communicating every issue related to it, whether petty or serious, is extremely crucial. For all you know, a dissatisfying quickie could ruin the rest of your day. If one of the partners is a shyster, it is important for the person to read as much about physical intimacy so that they open up to it gradually.

Finally, we must consider this: sexual intimacy will benefit you as mentioned above, provided you carry out safe measures to practice the same. Before you make a move to the sheets, ensure that a routinely health check up is arranged for. That apart, you must not give up on other health boosters such as a balanced diet, a proper exercise regime, and most important of all, a good night’s sleep. Also, in order to enhance the libido appropriately, it would be ideal to make sex a part of your proper routine: that way, none of your daily activities are altered. To conclude with, do consider the status of your health and your partner’s before you go all the way; this should benefit both in the way that most complications are avoided or minimized.