Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Guide For Making Love With A Virgin

Making love with a virgin girl is very different when you make love with a non-virgin. It will be a very emotional process for her and is your responsibility to calm her down so she will have a unforgettable and pleasurable session.

A virgin girl will be extremely passive in bed (unless she is the wild one!). So you must take a lot of initiative in bed and tell her what you want to do with her.

Remember: making love to a virgin girl is a very emotional occasion for her. The memory of having sex for the first time will last forever in her mind. You would NOT want to spoil her first time.
Don't be a jerk.

Now, let me share with you 5 tips you should know when making love to a virgin girl.
Tip One: Calm her down. She will probably be extremely nervous in bed and you should try your very best to calm her nerves. Spend some time cuddling together and give her a little alcohol to calm her down. Assure her that everything will be fine and you will take care of her.

Tip Two: Be sensitive. Do not go hardcore or explore popular kama sutra positions when you make love to a virgin girl. Go for something simple like the Missionary Position so that you will not freak her out.

Tip Three: Reassure her that you know what you are doing. A virgin girl needs a lot of assurance from their man. It is your responsibility to assure her that you know what you are doing as she is giving her first time to you. She will need a lot of care and concern and demonstrate how much you love her by going the extra mile.

Tip Four: Don't enter her when she is not wet enough. As this is her first time having sex, her vagina will be very sensitive. If you enter her before she gets wet, she will experience a lot of pain and may bail out. You would not want this to happen, right? So spend some time on foreplay. Turn her on by kissing and licking her erogenous zones such as breasts, neck, spine, inner thighs, earlobes, lips, etc.

Tip Five: Slow down during intercourse. Do not go thrusting like a porn star during intercourse. Be gentle and start off with a very slow pace. During intercourse, cuddle and make her feel loved. Be sensitive and ask her if the pace is right for her. If she does not have any issue about it, gradually increase the pace of your thrusts until she reaches intense orgasm.

I hope that these 5 tips can make you a better lover with making love with your virgin girl.
Do your best to give her an unforgettable night. Don't spoil it.

However, in order not to spoil her night, you must be able to last longer during intercourse. You can't ejaculate before she gets an orgasm.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Is weightlifting good for women’s sex appeal

We all know the importance of exercise in the sense that it has a big influence on our health. In fact, exercise is one of the few scientifically proven ways in which you can improve your health, and practically all doctors recommend people to exercise in most cases. But what happens if you wish to exercise for the purpose of increasing your sexual attractiveness? Is this something that can be done? Well, exercise will improve your sexual life and fitness, and health and fitness are universally acclaimed as sexually attractive.

But, this article will delve a bit more specific into women’s weightlifting and as it relates to the level of their sexual attractiveness. The reason for this is the fact that many women look at weightlifting as something that will decrease their sexual attractiveness. So, if you see a woman in the gym, in most cases she would be lifting very small dumbbells of a kilo or two, for billions of repetitions. Okay, it’s not billions – but it is in the hundreds. Women believe that this will help tone their muscles without increasing their muscle size – which some people think is unattractive in a woman. Exercise like kegel exercise can improve sexual performance, this will improve your sexual health as well.

But is this the truth? Will lifting hard weights decrease a woman’s sexual attractiveness by definition? We don’t think so. You see, men and women have one big difference in how fast and how far they can go with the increase of muscle size. And this difference lies in their hormonal profiles. Women have a lot more of the hormone of estrogen, and men have a lot more of the hormone of testosterone. Now, testosterone is greatly important for the building of strength and muscle size. This is not to say that women don’t have testosterone in their bodies at all – it’s just that men have high level of testosterone. So, for the same work in the gym – men will on average build a lot more muscle mass than women.

So, as you can see, weightlifting will not make you a hulk of a woman – unless you overdo it. If you work out three hours a day lifting hard weights for many repetitions – then you too may go to having an excess level of muscle mass. But if you keep things normal, then you will build a healthy level of muscle mass – which is always attractive with the opposite sex.

And the images that you might have seen of women that look like Hulk are most likely due to the use of performance enhancers such as steroids. No matter who you are – if you take steroids and work out you will get big. This goes especially for men, but it’s also the case with women. But if you have a healthy workout regime and a healthy diet, without the use of these supplements that may be detrimental for your health – you will find out that weight lift can indeed have a very powerful effect not on decreasing – but on increasing your sexual attractiveness as a woman!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How to Make Her Ejaculate - The Secrets You Need to Know

What do you think of when you hear the words female ejaculation? Come to think of it, the answer may be best kept to yourself.

Some women express liquid from their urethra when they climax. For some, this consists of a small amount of milky white fluid – this, technically, is the female ejaculate. Other women report “squirting” a much larger amount of fluid – enough to make it look like they’ve wet the bed.

Female ejaculation is something that is rare but not because men don't know what they are doing in bed. The reason why so many women don't have an ejaculating orgasm is because they are afraid to do it. Women worry about so many little things in the bedroom, like how they look, if their bodies look good and so on, so a woman is not going to want to have an ejaculating orgasm and shoot liquid out from her most private area. If you want to make her ejaculate, then there are some secrets you need to know.

First of all, if you want to make her have one of the best orgasms of her life, then you need to get her to open her mind and let her body go loose. If you want to make her ejaculate, then she needs to get her head in a different state of mind. She has to loosen up and forget about the little things. She has to be okay with letting go and allowing her body to do this. Once she is in the right frame of mind and agrees to let go and let whatever happens, happen then you can start things off right.

Your main focus in the beginning should be on the clitoris because this is how you are going to get her aroused to start off with and it makes your job a little easier. Once she is a little aroused and lubricated down there, then you can start stimulating her g-spot, which is the powerhouse of female ejaculation.

The g-spot has to be your main focus point because this is how she is going to ejaculate. Use two fingers to stimulate the g-spot, moving inside of her body, going fast or slow depending upon what she can handle. When she is about to orgasm, then you need to slide your fingers out of her and work on the clitoris again.

This is how you push her orgasm along but make room for the ejaculate to expel from her body. Be prepared with towels or other sheets because guaranteed this is going to be wet.

Giving a woman an ejaculating orgasm is something that not a lot of men can do, but if you can assure your woman that you want her to do this and that it is going to be a huge turn on for the both of you, then how can she not give in?

You may want to be able to make your girl squirt and shake with sexual pleasure, You may want to give her an intense orgasm that is out of this world, try the tips above and become the best she has ever had and you can make that happen now.