Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Best ways to spice up your sex life

So… you’re in a monogamous relationship with a person for quite a while now, and while everything else in life is going smoothly – your sex life has taken a beating. There are many reasons why people’s sex lives go to ruin after a prolonged period with a single person – the lack of novelty, the diminished excitement, the routine… but this does not need to happen in all cases when you’re in a committed long-term relationship with someone. So, how can you go about in spicing up your sex life?

Having public sex
Think back to the time when you were really young. What was one of the most stimulating and exhilarating sex experiences that most people craved? Public sex should top this list. The thrill and excitement that you will experience from being half-naked (or fully naked) and having sex in a place where someone can see you is like nothing you have ever felt in life before. So, public sex is an excellent way to spice things up in a boring sex life. The most important thing don't get yourself caught.

Introduce sex toys
There’s somewhat of a stigma on sex toys. It’s widely considered that they are only to be used by the sex maniacs, or people that have incredibly high sex drive. But this is far from the case – as the sex toys when used effectively, can have a very powerful effect to improve your sexual life with your partner. There’s a huge choice in this field – you can buy handcuffs, whips, blowup doll – anything you want. Make sure that you talk with your partner on the subject, as they may get offended if you offer a sex toy without consulting them first.

Have a threesome
On par with the idea of public sex is the idea of having a threesome. This is the biggest fantasy of all men. You need to be very careful when executing this plan though – because if you just blindly jump into the experience you may ruin a long-term relationship by getting a crush on the third person, and all hell may break loose. Again, it’s best to discuss the subject in depth with your partner, so that you will know when to pull the breaks if needed. But the threesome has a huge power to spice up your sex life if performed right.

Get wild in bed
Having sex is the perfect time to indulge in your animalistic drives – all people have this drive up to an extent. The worst thing that you could do is to suppress this drive. You’ll make one of the most exciting sexual experience, sex, boring. So, be wild. Be rough. This will create a sexual tension and it will make your sex drive and that of your partner shoot through the roof. Of course, don’t overdo it – you can be a sex machine in bed, just make sure that you don’t harm your partner or yourself in the process.

There are many other different ways in which you can spice things up in your sex life – try one from the list above and you will succeed in spicing up your sex life effectively.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Male Sex Appeal – Kill The Lady You Want Anytime

The ability to attract females is not exactly what most men think. Let's look at ways to enhance male sex appeal and turn on the women of your dreams. You need to look at the stereotypes and the reality of having excellent male sex appeal and pay attention to what it takes to become a great lover. Let's see what women are looking for.
Believe it or not, it isn't penis size that counts nor is it about all of the sexual position he knows about. These are simply misconceptions put on by the pornography and sex industry. There are four principles to focus on:

1. Appearance
The way a man presents himself is important, even before you get into the bedroom. Let's look at what's important in male sex appeal when it comes to experience. Looks are a matter of making the very best out of what you have to work with. Ladies care more about what's on the inside of a guy than what is on the outside.
Be well mannered, polite, considerate and romantic as these are traits that will impress just about any woman. Make certain you have a clean face, a beautiful smile, moisturizer on your face if needed and aftershave. Make frequent visits to the dentist to make sure you have a white smile. Use tooth whiteners that are relatively inexpensive to keep your teeth sparkling.
The way you dress is important, too. Hire an image consultant to help you out if you don't have any fashion sense. These people are trained to help you look your very best. It is an important part of male sex appeal.

2. Consideration
Be the most considerate lover as you can be. Remember that it is not just your needs you need to think of but that of another person's. You have to keep the channels of communication open and be open with your partner to have the best male sex appeal ever.

3. Love Making Sexual Technique
There is no right or wrong method to make love, and everyone has his or her dislikes and likes when it comes to sex. There are a few basic things, however, that women like. Women see sex as an emotional attachment rather than just a sex act.
They need lots of basic foreplay to enjoy sex and relax. Women take longer to be completely ready to have an intense orgasm. Many men don't know that 90 percent of women don't feel kissed enough so take the time to kiss your female partner.
Also, most women feel sensitive about the appearance of their butts and want to feel like someone appreciates their buttocks. Spend time on the buttocks to make her feel more confident. Kiss the buttocks, stroke and massage it and she will be turned on. All of this is connected to emotional bonding and intimacy. It all contributes to making sex appeal.
Ø  Oral Sex
Most women adore oral sex and have better orgasms with this technique than with full on sex. Let's take a look at few proven sexual technique that will drive her crazy and give her the best possible orgasm.

4. Orgasm & Satisfaction

Make sure you target the G-spot. Use the top major positions of the Kama Sutra, which are simple positions and will lead to great orgasms. Use oral sex along with intercourse to bring your partner to the best orgasm. Use male sex appeal to make her always wanting you (and just you) for the acquaintance you form and the great sex you have.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

6 Erogenous Zone To Give A Woman An Orgasm

Women LOVE SEX! That is, women love sex if her partner knows how to massage her sexual pleasure spots using the right love making tips and with the right timing. There are lots to learn and a lifetime to do it. It's a fun way to experiment together. Try these basic techniques at her six erogenous zones, and she'll love you! This helps you to satisfy her and lasting longer in bed.

Some may argue that there are more or less female erogenous spots than these. They may point out that women's erogenous spots include their neck, back, back of knees, arms, and so on. They may also say that a woman's brain is not an erogenous spot. My purpose here is to focus on six known spots that CAUSE ORGASMS in women. Men enjoy giving women orgasm, this give them the satisfaction and also stimulate themselves as well, this may give them a hard erection at the same time.

1st Spot. Her brain.
Have you ever heard of the phrase, "you get to her body by getting to her head first?" Or, "the brain is the largest sex organ in the body?" You should first try to get your lady relaxed, feeling loved, and ready to go, before you try anything. A resistant woman means no fun and no orgasms!
Communication is a good ice-breaker. Talk regarding what your woman likes. Then direct that conversation to some of the naughtiest things she's ever done. Or talk about fantasies she'd like to try. If you get her fully involved, and in the here and now, she can have an orgasm without touch. Her brain can cause her to rub herself!

2nd Spot. Her breasts.
Once you get her heated above as outlined above you can head to her breasts. It's much better if she's heated up enough to guide your hand or mouth to her lovely breasts. Then start slowly, and tease around the nipple. Once you get it in your mouth make sure that you kiss, lick, gently bites, and suck it. Then apply more and more pressure until you are "milking" her breasts in and out with your mouth. It should take about 5-10 minutes.

3rd Spot. Her mouth.
If a woman can have a no-touch orgasm, as defined above, then she can surely have one by deep and hot kissing. You'll have to probably insert some naughty talk and tell her what you'd love to do to her, in detail, between kisses. Once she has a mouth orgasm, she'll want them again and again. Making out is unique to women.

4th Spot. Her g-spot.
Use a firm one or two-finger touch on her g spot. With your palm up, use a "come here" motion that is firm and regular. It should take only a few minutes to give her this orgasm if you've properly prepared her with the above steps.

5th Spot. Her clitoris.
Never head directly to her clitoris before you kiss her, give her some lustful talk, and play with her breasts. The only time I'd recommend that first contact with the clit is if it's part of a sex game and you just agree that you will lick her clit with your first contact.
Start off slowly and tease her with your finger or tongue at the very tip. Use a light and intermittent contact and make her tilt her pelvis for your touch. Less is more at this tender spot.

6th Spot. Her deep vaginal spot.
This deep vaginal or epicenter spot is located about 8 inches inside her vagina on the top. You can reach it with your long penis, deep vibrations, or even your hot explosion of semen. It shouldn't take more than about 30 strokes if you have the right spot and have prepared her as explained above.

You can use combinations of the above points and drive her nuts. Employ some sex games and some erotic ideas, and you will have a very turned on woman! And that is how to truly how to give a woman an orgasm!