Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How To Improve Your Orgasms

Most of us have experienced an orgasm, but if you do want to have a floating-on-a-cloud orgasm there are some things that you can put into practice to achieve it. Here you have the best tips that sexologists and other experts recommend to intense orgasm!

- Increase the friction in the erogenous areas:
 When "the hot areas" are stimulated by friction during intercourse, it can be easier to reach orgasm and it will be more powerful. This is because when the clitoris is rubbed on the partner's pubic bone it increases the stimulation. Even some experts say that using a vibrator during intercourse helps to increase sensations too.

- Know your body:
Your chances of having an orgasm and reach climax during intercourse will be higher once you have learned to do it by yourself. This way you can discover what pleases you completely and the areas with more sensation. Even the experts have a phrase related to this point: "The better you know your own body, the better your orgasms will be".

- Strengthens your perineum muscles:
You can strengthen the muscles of the perineum with the Kegel exercise, this exercise consist of contracting and relaxing repeatedly the muscles of the pelvic floor, so, by doing it constantly, you learn how to achieve a greater control of them during sex. This is recommended for both men and women.

- Do not rush:
Sex is not a race, contradictory if you delay the orgasm it will be worth the wait. Experts recommend to stop or slow down when you're close to the climax, and repeating it until you can't make it anymore. If you do this, when the orgasm is inevitable it will be more powerful.

- Focus on breathing:
Pleasure can be increased as easy as breathing well, in fact this is one of the principles of tantric sex. If you concentrate in your breath, you will note that near of climax the breath naturally starts to speed up, if you get to keep it slow it will improve the blood flow and the amount of oxygen transported to the organs, including genitals, which improves the sensations. Likewise, experts say that partners who breath simultaneously can delay the orgasm, which as it was explained above, can intensify pleasure and lasting longer in bed.

This manly hormone helps you to reach orgasm. The more testosterone in your blood, you’re more likely to orgasm. This is the same hormone which is produced when you are exercising, lifting weight at the gym or watching your favourite action movie.

-Stroke your testicles:
Your testicles rise up near your body when you are aroused. It gives more power to your ejaculation. Your arousal will be heightened if your partner gently raise your testicles before ejaculation.

- Concentration:
Finally, experts recommend to be focused on the physical sensations, you shouldn't think about nothing more, if you are focused on your body it will respond differently and you will get a better orgasm.