Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Friday, November 21, 2014

Masturbation to Curb Premature Ejaculation?

If you worry yourself how you can be able to eradicate erectile dysfunction and reach a point in time where your strength in bed increases, you have come to the right page. Today we discuss the right ways to masturbate so that you can last longer in bed…
Do you know that by masturbating the correct way you will be able to maintain hard erection while making love? This is the plain truth, below we go through a few masturbating techniques that will help you last longer as you engage in sexual activity.

Lubricant, Lubricant and More Lubricant

The reason why we masturbate is not only to get a load of and relax but also to train ourselves how we can last longer in bed. The other reason for masturbation is to make sure that we have an experience that is close to having normal sexual activity.
Unfortunately, many men do the unthinkable when they try to get a load off by skipping lubricant and using their dry hand. This is the reason why the penis becomes rather sensitive to dry hand whose effects are disastrous.

By the time you start having sex with your lady friend, your penis is unable to regulate to the warmth and moist environment, hence the reason why you ejaculate rather too early. Switch from dry hands today and embrace lubricant use and within no time, you will have experienced sexual enhancement.

No Rush, Take Your Time

The way we have been built as men, our body configuration has been set in a way that we want to ejaculate fast as we masturbate. That said however, if you want to be the stallion you ought to be in the bedroom, it’s important that you master masturbation and enhance your endurance.
To master masturbation; so the skills in a different way, i.e. as you take a load off, don’t rush the process, take it rather slowly. Practice whenever you can. Soon enough you will learn how to HALT all stimulation as you edge closer to a climax.
Start practicing and stretch the session to five minutes, master the five minutes and stretch to ten, then again to 20 and finally 30 minutes. By the time you get to 30 minutes you will have your lady friend experiencing two orgasms way before you have your first! This is a plus on your side.

No Distractions

Kindly note that the best moment to train yourself how to masturbate is the time that you are well relaxed and you have zero interruptions whatsoever. If you are in a hurry, do not dare masturbate, look for the right time, especially when you are alone, in a quiet place and you can focus on your thoughts.

Don’t Get Excessively Excited

It’s rather a sad fact to state that almost 100% of men masturbate the wrong way, well, apart from porn stars. We watch too much porn as we masturbate till when we start getting aroused. This is our means of sexual stimulation which is very wrong.

It’s important that you beat premature ejaculation by building the arousal right from the beginning of the masturbation act. This way, you will learn how to control the arousal which is the most important point that will help you master how to have sex for longer without ejaculation too soon.

Lastly, remember that you can use masturbation to your own advantage to stop premature ejaculation and turning into the stallion you ought to be.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Best Ways to Maintain a Hard Erection

Every man that is of age and has engaged themselves in a sexual activity knows how their ego can get tarnished after under performing in the bedroom. It gets even worse if they suffer from premature ejaculation.

That said however, there is no need to get alarmed by premature ejaculation as a whopping 66% of men on planet earth suffer from this dilemma. The great news however is, one is capable of following natural tips to get rid of premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction if they suffer from it.
Better still, mentioned below are surefire ways that will help you lasting longer in bed, take them to be the soft erection treatment that you have been after this whole time… Here are some tips to maintain hard erection.

Mastering Masturbation

Well, we all masturbate at one point or another, as you engage in this act, fill your mind with your lady’s orgasm and never your own. Simply, take your time and spend in the least fifteen minutes doing the act till that time you reach the point of no return.
Restrain yourself from reaching an intense orgasm until when the fifteen minutes are over.


If you know too well that overheating makes you have premature ejaculation, stop pumping, get outside of her and squeeze right below your penis head. Make sure that you squeeze the urethra. This simple action pushes blood away from your penis thus curbing your ejaculation.

Point Ejaculatory predictability

As any scientist will have you know, sexual response comes in four phases including: The Excitement Stage, The Plateau Stage, The Orgasm Stage and finally The Resolution Stage. The thing you ought to do is fully master and recognize your feelings spectrum all through the process of ejaculation.
Take action first and foremost by rating your excitement on a scale of 1 to 10. Also, you need to make sure that the highest rate you go is seven if you fully wish to satisfy your woman.


Kegel exercises are some of the best form of exercises that help in the tightening and strengthening muscles that are responsible for your ejaculatory control. Start doing these exercises simply by cutting urine flow, followed by starting and stopping it repeated times.

Once you master this exercise, you now halve the chance to practice them anywhere at home, at your office desk, as you drive to and from work. All you simply have to do is tighten these muscles and count to ten and release and repeat them.

All these tips here can help you to improve your sexual health.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Female Genital Piercing

Not many people know that intimate parts of the body were a subject of piercing since ancient times when piercing of body parts was considered to be a symbol of courage. Women during Victorian age were wearing modified earrings on their nipples in order to make their nipples look bigger under their shirts. Today people use piercing for many reasons and some of the use them for dominatrix sexual games. Piercing of intimate body parts is something unique and special because there is an imminent possibility that this piercing will affect your sex life.

This art as some people call it has become really popular in the last two decades. Sometimes it is really hard to predict who has one because the intimate area is usually covered.  Some people are piercing their private parts just because they think they will look cool while others because they believe piercing can bring them more excitement. If you are looking for additional sexual excitement you must know that the pierce should be placed in a proper way otherwise the results might produce counter effect. Loss of sensitivity in these parts can be temporary or in some cases permanent. They can also improve oral sexual experience and make walking a more exciting activity. But some of the possible consequences can be less pleasant like painful sexual intercourse and it also might be a little bit more difficult to have safe sex.

There are many ways of piercing intimate body parts on the female body. Depending on the type of piercing you can expect the time of healing to be longer or shorter. It usually takes between one and three months for the healing process to be finished. Although many women would gladly want to check their newest “decoration” as soon as possible it is good to point out that during healing especially in the beginning it is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse. Every part of the female genitals can be pierced. However, not all women are ready to try everything because women differ significantly. For example, some clitorises are not suitable for piercing, so it is a good idea to go for counseling before you make a final decision about piercing a specific spot or piercing in a specific way. Some methods can surely increase the arousal but not all of them. Arousal doesn’t depend only on the method of piercing but also on the type of clitoris. Those who have bigger clitorises can expect extra excitement. In general, additional excitement can be expected only by piercings close to the clitoris and those piercings that are touching it and rubbing it. It is an interesting fact that many women have experienced their first true orgasm after they have placed a piercing in the right place. Piercings, placed on the outer labia, are there usually only for aesthetic reasons. In some cases piercings can cause discharges and paper inserts can help a lot in these cases.ion 

This information is only basic and in case you are interested in piercing you should always look for an advice from a health professional.