Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Common Sex Health Mistakes Men Make

As a man, by altering your thinking, you may be able to improve your sex life. Below we discuss some of the common mistakes men make while making love to their significant other, and how to avoid making such mistakes…

Sex Begins In the Bedroom

As men, we are lucky enough to get turned on like fast like a bulb, you can have a hard erection penis within a minute. However for women this is not the case. Arousal for women doesn’t come quick and it takes them quite a while to get turned on. To make her get turned on, it’s best that you do your best and assists her.

You can help her get her arousal by hugging her, holding hands and kissing her when you are in public and also in private. Have some great time just the two of you and show, scratch that, prove to her that you indeed adore her.

Feeling loved and protected in your relationship is the combination to a woman’s let loose point during your love making session. Experts constantly tell us that a hug that is prolonged does actually go much further than you would think it to.

Science has proven that a hug lasting thirty seconds rouses oxytocin. This is a hormone in ladies that generates connection and a sense of trust. 

Assumption That You Are Aware Of Her Wants

Research today has proven that just as a lot of ladies fake their orgasm as it was the case thirty years ago. Too bad for us as this means when she is not relishing herself we will not know.  To counter this mistake never be afraid of asking questions such as:
·       Would you love something different?
·       How truly does it feel?
In short, never be ashamed of asking for directions.

Sticking To Your Own Plan

Never believe for one second that since it functioned the first 3 times that it’s going to work the following 3 times. Words from Sex Counsellor Sari Cooper, LCSW. The thing that turns your lady friend on is mostly dependent on the mood she exudes during her monthly phase.
May then her nipples might be super sensitive and her genitals maybe a little less sensitive. Asking for directions will help you know the parts to focus on. Pay much needed attention to the lady friend and try diverse things to see which ones that she responds to positively.
The instant you touch somewhere and she responds, linger there for a while. Many women complain often that we menfolk jump on to the next step quickly just when they were beginning to relish an activity that was responding well.

Keeping It Physical Always

It’s rather unfortunate that as men we are wired to focus almost entirely on physical spur. We often ignore the most critical thing mental stimulation. As men, when we are motivated up by the things we see, women on the other hand fantasize a great deal during sex since this is fragment of the arousal process.

To make it work share with her a tantalizing sex memory or share a fantasy with her and you will be able to make her ready for you!

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