Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sex during pregnancy

Women and sometimes their partners are often scared to have sex during pregnancy because they think it might harm the baby in one way or the other. Questions most pregnant women want to know about sex during their trimesters is; how safe is sex during pregnancy? Is there a time limit for sex during pregnancy? Are there specific positions for sex during pregnancy? How do I tell my partner I’m not in the mood? There are so many questions they want answers to, and while it is advisable to always consult your doctor and discuss certain things that you need clarification on, here are some things you should know about sex during pregnancy:

Misconception about sex during pregnancy
It is a popularly held belief that having sex during pregnancy can harm the fetus and probably cause a miscarriage. This is not true. Pregnant women can enjoy sex during all trimesters of their pregnancy. All they need to focus on is eating the right diet to keep them healthy and in the right mood for sex when it arises. The only time you may be advised by your doctor to stay away from sex is if you’ve had series of miscarriages in previous pregnancies. This is the only time that you will be required to abstain at least three months into the pregnancy. Also, if you are experiencing some pregnancy complication such as preterm labor, preeclampsia and so on, you may be advised to stay away from sex for the meantime. Other than these reasons, nothing is going to happen to your pregnancy
It is quite through that some women may feel less interested in sex when they are expecting, but this doesn’t apply to all women. Most times, they are just stressed because of the extra weight they have to carry about. Here is where the partner would need to be patient and helpful. Doing things for your partner such as foot massage, breakfast in bed, ice cream treat, will make her oiled and ready to please you in bed. Although, the sexual desire may decrease around the third trimester when the baby bump becomes too heavy and delivery is close by. Some sex positions might be difficult to perform at this time.

How to enjoy sex during pregnancy
First of all, you will have to be more communicative with your partner during this period. Keeping them in the dark and expecting that they would understand your every mood is wrong. If you don’t feel strong enough to go through sex that beautiful morning because of some mischievous pregnancy hormones of which morning sickness might probably be the end result, then you shouldn’t hesitate to discuss it with your partner.
When having sex, you will have to avoid some exciting things you did prior to conceiving like oral sex. This is because it is easy for a pregnant woman to be infected during this time due to the weakness of the immune system. Practices such as blowing air into the vagina should be avoided as it could end up blocking a blood vessel which could harm you and the fetus.
Sex positions such as spooning or side by side are more realistic during this period. If you are experiencing mild pain during sex due to vagina dryness, a lubricant with higher water content, or, a well-lubricated condom can be used to make down there slippery and enjoyable again. Also, engage more in cuddling and kissing which will release some feel-good hormones-dopamine to help you and your partner through the stress of having a baby.

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