Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Sunday, May 20, 2018

ADHD medicine and sexual health for men

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is an illness that affects a big number of people. It’s characterized by the inability to hold focus for prolonged periods of time and by general restlessness and hyperactivity. If you’re a sufferer of this disease, then you have definitely seen a doctor for it. Chances are that you have been prescribed medication for treating your illness. However, did you know that some of the ADHD medication can influence your sexual health in a bad way?

One of the most frequently prescribed medications for ADHD is Methylphenidate. This is a medical drug that’s been shown to be beneficial to people suffering from ADHD. However, this medication is also used for treating various other health problems, such as narcolepsy and depression.

Most people that use Methylphenidate have no sexual health problem whatsoever. Even more so, they may improve your sexual health because of the higher degree of control that they can exhibit during their intercourse. However, some people are unlucky in this sense and they have issues with their sexual health due to the use of Methylphenidate.

The side-effect of taking this drug, when it comes to your sexual health, are lack of sex drive, priapism, and potentially painful erections. For those of you that aren’t aware – priapism is a condition in which you have an erection for several hours. This may seem like a good thing – but it’s too much of a good thing. This may cause damage to your penis and you may experience painful erections as well. This is not a good thing that can happen to you.

So, what can do you do to resolve these issues that you may be having after taking Methylphenidate? The first course of action if you find that you have any problems with your sexual health is to consult your doctor. He or she will be able to tell you all about your condition and how you can manage it. Perhaps he or she will prescribe you another drug that you can use for the management of your ADHD, one that won’t cause any problems with your sexual health.

Also, make sure that you handle all of the other parameters of living a healthy life. Exercise and diet go without saying. You need to workout and keep your body in tip-top shape – and you also need to eat healthy foods that will help you fuel your body. Using penile creams can also be of assistance in managing your sexual health.

That being said, you are now armed with all the information you need to manage your potential sexual health problems as related to taking the drug Methylphenidate for treating ADHD. If you follow the advice from above, then chances are that you will definitely feel an improvement in your sexual health no matter who you are. We hope that the ADHD drugs will stop causing you any problems related to your sexual health as a man.

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