Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weak Penis Causes and Remedies

Erection weakness during sexual intercourse occurs when the two smaller arteries in the penile region do not receive adequate blood flow from the aorta and the heart. The weakness stems from blood vessels lining that’s too feeble to reach the penis.

In layman’s language; a weak erection is defined as the inability to sustain a hard on strong enough to continue with the lovemaking session. The penile region is a sensitive body part that should always remain in the best condition to maintain a hard on.

Many studies record that soft erections affect millions of men worldwide. If you find it hard to maintain hard erection; you are advised to book an appointment with a specialist and be examined.

What Are The Causes of Weak Erections?

The primary cause is blood flow disruption to the penile veins. The disruption during sexual activity makes the man ejaculate too soon. As much as there are many other erectile dysfunction causes; such as long time diabetes suffering, which may have damaged your nervous system. More ED causes include:
                    Extensive use and abuse of alcohol and drugs
                    Multiple Sclerosis
                    Prostate cancer operations
                    Fear brought about by guilt
                    Cardiovascular Disorder
                    Hormonal Disorders
                    Emotional Issues including; Anxiety and Depression
                    Side effects brought about by hard drugs use
                    Low Self-Esteem

Old Age Factor

Old age plays a part in the deteriorating sexual performance of a man. Weak erections usually occur in the 40-64 years age bracket. Many men today fall into the category of individuals seeking for soft erection treatment. Their erection failure stems from past activities in their earlier years.
More causes of weak erections arise from the hardcore use of alcohol and drugs. Obese men will also have weak erections as their bodies are not able to keep enough blood pumping into their penis. Thus causing it to go flaccid seconds/minutes after getting a hard on.

Heavy tobacco smokers who have a severe case of High Blood Pressure also suffer from soft penises. Individuals that use stimulants continuously during the sexual intercourse count for 35% penis weakness when they engage in coitus.


Even before we discuss the actual ingredients that act as soft erection treatment; a change in lifestyle has a 99% chance to reverse erectile dysfunction.

If you quit smoking; focus on losing weight; minimize stress levels, start sleeping properly and engage in breathing exercises and physical exercises you will reverse the effects. Tried, tested and proven remedies to reverse soft erections include:

Weak Erection: Purchase a lot of white Onions. Grind the onions, extract the juices from them. Mix up the blend with a matching amount of honey. Store the mixture in a jar and take 2-3 spoons of the mixture three times a day.

Quick Ejaculation: purchase six pieces of fresh Okro (Ladies' Fingers), and slice them. Fill half a cup with Okro dry seed. Put the seeds in a bottle and add a bottle of tonic water or soda. Leave the concoction to ferment for two days.

Take two shots of the brew twice daily. Remedy it with a proper diet and exercise, and you will get rid premature ejaculation!

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