Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Few Small Things Which act as huge Turn-off for Men

There is a good reason why women are called the fairer sex – they are lovelier and gentler than men who usually tend to act as protectors and as such they are perfect for them. It is not very hard to arouse a man and to attract them if you use the right tactic. However, they are human beings and they can easily find some female behavior repulsive. In order to avoid situations like that we have prepared a list of things that men find to be total turn-offs.

1.       Excessive and inadequate makeup
The game of layering and masking is usually most interesting for teenagers and young girls, but many women never finish this game. They can spend hours in different beauty shops looking for ideal lipsticks and hit mascaras that will extend the lashes and make them look incredibly long. This is definitely a time well spent for most women. But, recent studies have shown that men don’t think the same. More than 25% of men wished to see girls with less makeup on them and around 10% find women without any makeup to be the most beautiful ones.

2.       Tears
Few studies have confirmed that in the moment men smell the presence of women’s tears their libido and overall interest in sex and intimacy falls drastically. So, try to avoid acting as a drama queen and helpless lady in distress and if you want to keep your man interested refrain from sobbing and whining.

3.       Unreliability
Many men claim that one of the biggest turn offs is when their women can’t devote to plans or postpone or change them constantly. If you are not sure about any of the plans you two have or you are canceling them in the last minute you send a message that your partner is only temporary present in your life. Try to create at least a general plan and stick to it.

4.       Poor communication
Many women have been passive-aggressive at least once in their life and that’s fine because this is something that can happen to anyone. In fact, men sometimes act in this way too. However, a constant repetition of this pattern of behavior can only lead to intractable problems that will ultimately destroy your sexual or any other type of connection. That’s why you need to learn how to talk openly with your partner and they will know how to show you that they appreciate that.

5.       Body hair

Men are known for their hairy body and this is probably the main reason why they love smooth, supple bodies without hair. The look and feel of smooth legs makes them excited, but they are equally bothered by body hair that should not be there. Don’t judge men because these processes are taking place t a subconscious level. It is always a good idea to pay more attention to your body and especially to the face because this is the first thing that your partner will notice. 

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