Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases And How Are They Treated

Although there are many easy accessible means to prevent various sexual diseases, many people still seem to get them. Usually, the reasons are practising the unprotected sex or just not being so well informed. For instance, you should know that you can get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) by vaginal, oral or anal sex, and even by hand or genital contact. It may seem that sexually transmitted diseases are all around us, just lurking for their new pray. But in fact, they are quite easy to avoid since most of them can be prevented by using condoms or any other way of protection. Nevertheless, among hundreds of various STDs, these are the most common of them on a global scale.

Chlamydia is the number one STD in the United States and as well as in many other countries, probably because you can get it by practising oral, vaginal or anal sex.  Although women usually suffer from this disease, not many people know that men can also get Chlamydia. The biggest issue with this STD is the fact that its symptoms are quite hard to recognise, and that makes it even easier to spread. So if you feel fire while peeing or start to have pains in testicles or lower abdomen it may be wise to see a doctor. Chlamydia is not very dangerous if you treat it immediately so don't avoid visiting a medical institution, or it can even become fatal. All you need is a few antibiotics, and you will soon be as good as new, so there is really no reason to avoid healing.

This is a quite mean sexually transmitted disease which should be treated as soon as possible. Hence, if you start to suspect you have the symptoms then go straightforward to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, its symptoms are hard to recognise and in some cases, it took years for people to finally identify the disease. Some signs of this STD are small round sores that show up on your body. After that, you may start to have intense headaches, followed by fatigue, fever, weight and hair loss, and aching joints. If you don't react immediately, you could start getting affected by blindness and deafness, memory loss, and various mental and neurological disorders that can end fatally. Since Syphilis is caused by a bacteria, it can also be effectively treated with antibiotics, at least in the first stages. But as the disease continues to develop in later stages it can also be treated, but the damage it had already done will not be reversed. Syphilis is definitively not a type of illness you should underestimate since it had already defeated some very tough guys such as the notorious Al Capone.

Do you ever get itchy down there? Well, usually it is nothing special, but if it continues for a while, you may have Pubic Lice or, as most of us know them, the crabs. That would not be a huge surprise since millions of people worldwide get them every year. They are caused by tiny insects that settle in your pubic area usually on the hair but sometimes even on the skin directly. They are easily vanquished with medications which you can get at any pharmacist. But many people wrongly believe they can get rid of them by simply having a hot bath or shaving. Such a practice won't help you at all. So, don't waste your time. Also, once you start using the cure, be sure to get rid of any towels, clothes or bedding and you should also do a thorough vacuuming of your entire home.

One of the "favourites" is, of course, the Herpes which can be a bit painful but very unpleasant and annoying. It shows up on your genitals and is mainly caused by unprotected sex with a person that is already infected. Itching, painful urination and, of course, the sores are the main symptoms, and although they can vanish on their own, it is better to treat them with medications. The problem with the Herpes is that once you get it, you never get rid of it, and it follows you for the rest of your life. It will do you no harm but can show up anytime and be quite annoying.

You have probably heard of this STD under the name "trich", and you should know that it is also one of the most spread sexual diseases all over the world. Its symptoms are hard to notice, particularly among men, but, in general, they include an urge to pee all the time, smelly discharge from the vagina or urethra, pain during urination, etc. You can get it by getting into sexual intercourse with a person already carrying it, or by changing many partners without using protection. And the worst part is that having the 'trich' highly increases the possibility of getting HIV too. So visiting a doctor is a must situation mainly because it can easily be treated with a proper dose of antibiotics.

These are just some of the most common STDs people usually get, but there are many other too. All of them can be easily be handled by professionals, and in most cases, you need to take care of your sexual health by practising safe sex. So before putting yourself to pleasures, take care of your body so you would not jeopardise your health. 

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