Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sex Toys Are US

A new year usually translates to new things. So how about improving your' already healthy sex life, and making an ever better experience? We are all always looking for the best ways to improve our sexual prowess.

To help you make an easier and better transition, we want you to try something that you may or may have not tried. Sex Toys, some may shun this idea, but before you dismiss us entirely, please read through to find out what toys can do to your sexual experience.

We go through some sex toys that if used correctly they will help you satisfy your sexual experience.


Yes, tethers, they are not only suitable for zero-grazing animals, but they are also a great addition to the bedroom affairs. With a willing partner, you can use tethers and chain his/her feet and arms on the bed. After securing them into position, use your hands or tongue to work their most sensitive parts.
Tethers come in handy by ensuring your partner into position and allowing you to work on their body without any restrictions.

The Sex Pillow

Better known as ‘The Best Sex Pillow,' this is a pillow that has been designed to help users stop using the excuse of a bad back or weight as the reason they are not performing in bed. Using this pad, users attain multiple and endless orgasms, yet another reason to enjoy fulfilling sex this coming year!

The Vibrator (Sex toy)

A dinosaur that refuses to go extinct by reinventing itself now and then. The vibrator is not only good for a solo act; it also comes in handy in a couple's relationship. The male partner can use the vibrator to stimulate the clitoris or anus while giving the lady oral or during penetration.
A vibrator sends tantalizing sensation and will make the lady literary deeper and more fulfilling orgasms.

Sultry Outfit

Whether you feel like dressing like Captain America and she Super Woman, greater sex is had when you get into sexual fantasy by dressing the part. For some people, when assuming the character of someone else, they channel their body and become better lovers.


The thing is, by embracing unusual bedroom activities in the New Year, you will start having better and memorable sexual encounters. Take your time to come up with new sexual scenes and acts randomly and see how well your creativity will enhance your sexual performance!

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