Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Monday, May 25, 2015

6 Care That Every Man Should Take to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

According to the latest data from one of the study, it was found that 44% of men have or gone through the problem of erectile dysfunction. The disease can be defined as the inability to maintain hard erection that allows penetration and satisfactory intercourse for both involved. In addition, it was found that 56% of men who suffer from the problem have the hypertensive patient, 19% diabetics, 13% have high cholesterol and also 12% of them are heart patient. According to the expert in erectile dysfunction, Carlos Araujo, there is no single cause, much less a standard treatment for the problem. “The efficient solution is to analyze the background and treat the patient's problem as this disease affects people of various ages and conditions”, said vascular surgeon. 

However, there are scientifically proven causes of erectile dysfunction; know them and know how to avoid the problem.

1. Sleep well
According to a study by UNIFESP, patients suffering from impotence woke more during the night and had fragmented sleep, unable to reach the state of deep sleep. In addition, lack of sleep increases the chances of cardiovascular problems and diabetes, promotes weight gain, factors that contribute to impotence. Another associated problem is the self-medication remedies for impotence, which can negatively affect sleep. Many young people have self-medicated themselves even though they do not have the problem of impotency, seeking a leveraged effect of erection and, worse, associate remedies to alcoholic drinks and drugs.

2. Drugs
A study of the Royal College, London confirms that smoking increases the risk of impotency. Men who smoke are 40% more at risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction. And the greater the number of cigarettes smoked, the greater the chance of having problems in sexual performance. Even those who smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day have the chance of suffering impotence increased by 24%. This is because smoking has substances that clog the microcirculation, which also affects the penis and an erection. A study of UNIFESP also found that among users of alcohol, cocaine, crack and ecstasy, 47% have premature ejaculation, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. The problem also relates to vascular changes caused by prolonged use of these substances," said the surgeon. In addition, drugs such as antidepressants and for baldness may influence the erection.

3. Injuries
Many young people who do not know the source of their problem of erection which may be an injury they had in the past in the penile region. There are men with erectile dysfunction who had taken a bite of the partner in the penis. Injury or trauma is also frequently caused during sports. If you have suffered an accident however small, it is worth making an assessment with the urologist or specialist physician.

4. Bicycle
A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine warns that cyclists, particularly men, should beware of bicycle seats they choose, giving preference to those who do not have a pronounced tip. Many previous studies have shown that cyclists were more likely to have erectile dysfunction, because of the pressure caused by the bike seat on the perineum. This doesn’t mean one should stop cycling completely, but one should take good care while choosing the seat of his bicycle.

5. Diabetes
The arteries of the penis are very sensitive to vascular abnormalities caused by diabetes. About half of diabetic patients have erection problems. And, these patients cannot be treated with the best-known drugs such as Viagra, as these have no effect. But, there are other forms of treatment, just find a specialized professional for help as soon as possible.

6. Obesity
A survey conducted by the Public Health School of Harvard, showed that obesity and physical inactivity increase the chances of erectile dysfunction. The study also noted that the obese suffer most from impotence because it had weakened their circulatory system which affects their health directly and their erectile problem indirectly. Additionally, hypertension and high cholesterol are related to the problem of impotency. Conclusively, circumference of your waist is not a direct cause of erectile dysfunction, but obesity can cause sexual problems.

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