Better sex tips

Better sex tips

Friday, February 23, 2018

Is weightlifting good for women’s sex appeal

We all know the importance of exercise in the sense that it has a big influence on our health. In fact, exercise is one of the few scientifically proven ways in which you can improve your health, and practically all doctors recommend people to exercise in most cases. But what happens if you wish to exercise for the purpose of increasing your sexual attractiveness? Is this something that can be done? Well, exercise will improve your sexual life and fitness, and health and fitness are universally acclaimed as sexually attractive.

But, this article will delve a bit more specific into women’s weightlifting and as it relates to the level of their sexual attractiveness. The reason for this is the fact that many women look at weightlifting as something that will decrease their sexual attractiveness. So, if you see a woman in the gym, in most cases she would be lifting very small dumbbells of a kilo or two, for billions of repetitions. Okay, it’s not billions – but it is in the hundreds. Women believe that this will help tone their muscles without increasing their muscle size – which some people think is unattractive in a woman. Exercise like kegel exercise can improve sexual performance, this will improve your sexual health as well.

But is this the truth? Will lifting hard weights decrease a woman’s sexual attractiveness by definition? We don’t think so. You see, men and women have one big difference in how fast and how far they can go with the increase of muscle size. And this difference lies in their hormonal profiles. Women have a lot more of the hormone of estrogen, and men have a lot more of the hormone of testosterone. Now, testosterone is greatly important for the building of strength and muscle size. This is not to say that women don’t have testosterone in their bodies at all – it’s just that men have high level of testosterone. So, for the same work in the gym – men will on average build a lot more muscle mass than women.

So, as you can see, weightlifting will not make you a hulk of a woman – unless you overdo it. If you work out three hours a day lifting hard weights for many repetitions – then you too may go to having an excess level of muscle mass. But if you keep things normal, then you will build a healthy level of muscle mass – which is always attractive with the opposite sex.

And the images that you might have seen of women that look like Hulk are most likely due to the use of performance enhancers such as steroids. No matter who you are – if you take steroids and work out you will get big. This goes especially for men, but it’s also the case with women. But if you have a healthy workout regime and a healthy diet, without the use of these supplements that may be detrimental for your health – you will find out that weight lift can indeed have a very powerful effect not on decreasing – but on increasing your sexual attractiveness as a woman!

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